Friday, May 1, 2009

All trip counts are in!

I am close to done with pictures and will get some site specific posts with more pictures in the coming days. Unfortunately I downloaded the pics from my cards to my laptop from the first two days and have done post production sorting and cropping on all of the cards since. So I am holding off until I pull the pictures from the first two days to a system with more processing power and a larger screen.
Hopefully during the forecasted rainy weekend I will get those knocked out and then run the rest of the trip posts in order.
Here is a quick by the numbers post trip rundown:
My counts for the three states currently stand at, Colorado 107, Nebraska 63 and Iowa 27. Iowa had two species before this trip, and Nebraska had none. Colorado was at 100 before I left.
I have been enjoying the new feature on Ebird called "Top 100 ebirders in...." It is a fun way to see where other birders have traveled to, and how I compare in various counties and states. Fun, and a good reason to keep your eyes on the telephone poles and tree tops as you drive through various counties on a road trip. If you haven't tried Ebird yet, check it out, and if you have and it has been a while since submitting your last checklist it is a good reason to log back in.
The trip was great. I had some good luck with a few pictures, learned a good deal, and added 26 new species to my lifelist including the Blue-Winged Teal above.
2009 Count: 117
Lifetime: 134

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Tanks for your comments! Nice blog were you are shearing field experiences and good photos. Keep on the good work!