Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Broomfield Birding - Nissen Res and Alexx & Michael's Pond

Everywhere I turn there are Yellow-Rumped's, this guy was one of three who followed a Chickadee through some trees at eye level and let me get a much closer shot.

Before I saw him I had headed to Nissen Reservoir in Broomfield to see if an earlier reported Black and White Warbler was still in the trees. It wasn't, but I did add Snowy Egret to my list.

I also had my best look at a Black-Crowned Night Heron, and first sighting of the year. All told there were 5 Great Blues, two Snowys, and the Black Crowned. Not too shabby, for our humble city and county!

After checking Nissen I headed on to Alexx and Michael's Pond which I had driven by, but never walked around. Boy am I kicking myself now. I was walking down the trail before I even reached the pond itself when a Little Blue Heron flew overhead. It was a good thing I had just been watching the Great Blues fly or I may not have picked up on the smaller overall size and dark neck and head. I also got a shot of the first Pied-Billed Grebe I had seen in Broomfield.

Along the way I spotted my first Yellow-Headed Blackbird - it was my first of season since I started a list in October. I also had a chase session with an Orange-Crowned Warbler moving slowly along the brush on the bank, and just as I was returning to my car had a Coot with the best resolution I have gotten yet.
A good way to get home from work on Friday.
BTW, just as I start to think that I am getting somewhat respectable numbers on my list I see that there are group of people in Colorado who have 400 species (in-state I believe) and all 54 14ers under their belt. The list has come up with 6 people. Flat out impressive.
2009 Count: 123
Lifetime: 139

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