Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday - Crescent Meadow and Walker Ranch

Went on an abbreviated hike on Saturday with an old school friend who was back visiting Boulder. We headed to Eldorado Canyon state park, and used the Crescent Meadows trailhead to avoid the CU graduation crowds.

The day was perfect, with clear skies and much warmer temperatures than had been forecast. Due to our late start and the mid-day Nuggets game the hike was more about getting there and back in a timely manner than it was about stopping and finding species, but it was great to get out in the sunshine regardless.
The Chipping Sparrows were everywhere in the burn area, I had this one perching on a burned out stump for several moments.

On the climb up to the Walker Ranch trailhead I had great looks at four Turkey Vultures soaring just over the ridge. Always a good sight to keep the coastal visitors moving on the trail!

The Mountain Bluebirds really stand out in the burn area. They generally perch high on the clear limbs and are a bright bit of color against the mostly drab background.

**Update: Comma**

I also had a couple of cool looking butterflies along the way, neither of which I have yet been able to id. There were three of the coppery ones above resting on rocks along the creek, and several of the type below further along the trail.

**Update: Spring Azure**

This one had a brilliant, blue back. Unfortunately it would not rest with open wings, and would not cooperate when flying.
I guess an insect guide is in my future along with a guide to mammals. Those two groups seem much more difficult to ID on the web.
Have a great week everyone, enjoy all the spring going on out there!

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