Friday, May 8, 2009

A Long Sought-After Prize

A Burrowing Owl!

Unfortunately I had been cleaning my camera sensor yesterday afternoon, and left the settings on black and white making my best picture a bit bland. I also see that there was a blade of grass in front of the few focused face shots I got.
Oh well, there are some advantages in that I now know what a Burrowing Owl looks like out in a field, so I should be able to spot them more easily. At least I know what I am looking for - think of a rounded football on a kicking tee.
Many thanks go out to Tim from COBirds who located the owl and then shared great directions so that others could find it as well. Not only that, but it is in my home county of Broomfield.

After locating the Owl I swung by a lake park at Sherridan and Lowell in Broomfield. This is a reservoir and park that must have been built as a stipulation on the new home developments in the area. For the time being it is kind of stuck off by itself and a bit out of place. It was host to a pair of Western Grebes though, and I was able to get some fairly close range shots.

2009 Count: 128
Lifetime: 143

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