Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some of Colorful Colorado

We have gotten into our spring weather cycle of warm days, and late afternoon thundershowers. These are really moving the plant cycles along quickly. I have no idea what these are, but took pictures so I could check my plants guides at some point.

I was looking at this one, and think I see a smart bit of plant advertising that had gone on. There are a couple of spent bloom things (sorry, no idea what they are called but you can see the couple of strings hanging off) that seem to hang individually from the main stem rather than in the clusters. I'm thinking that before the plant puts all its energy into a bloom cycle it sends out a couple of free samples to get the pollinators ready for the big show. If I were a plant I would certainly want the bees and whatnot to know that there was about to be some good stuff in the area.

Purply somethings - I took this one after I had spoken to a cow just across a bridge I needed to cross to get back to work. The cow was quite cooperative and worked her way on down the trail, but I couldn't see beyond her and didn't know if she had a new calf in the area.

Uh, Wild Snapdragons? The sad part is I ran, yes RAN, a greenhouse for four summers. Not only that but I ran it well and had a flock of customers who would come to me for gardening advice. I can grow things like a champ when it is work, but as a home gardener I am a terrible failure. I guess I just prefer to see the wilds as a garden, it really cuts down on the weeding.

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