Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trip catch-up: Pawnee's Buttes

I waited out a passing thunderstorm before hiking through the open trails around the Twin Buttes in the Pawnee National Grassland. It was fairly late on a Wednesday and due to the weather I had the place to myself. It really worked out well though, as the storm passed the skies cleared and I enjoyed a beautiful late afternoon and evening.

There were a couple of Northern Harriers hunting over the prairie. The white spot at the base of the tail is visible from long range and makes them an easy ID.

This Meadowlark was perched and enjoying the weather as well. It must seem even more enjoyable when you have narrowly avoided something having you for dinner. [Note the lack of tail feathers]

Unexpected rugged beauty in the midst of endless, rolling shortgrass prairie makes visits to this area so worth it.

On the way back to Crow Valley where I would camp for the night I headed towards Murphy's Pasture to catch some of the activity around sunset. Amidst the Horned Larks and Sparrows I saw this Meadowlark getting dinner before dark.
I was then off to set my own camp and eat dinner in the dark, before a refreshing evening under a meteor shower in the Prairie Skies.
This terrific resource was just over an hour from my work and will definitely be a site for future day and one-night camping trips.

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