Thursday, April 30, 2009

Second Post Trip Update (DeSoto NWR - Nebraska)

Bald Eagle nests are a big tourist draw, and I usually do a stop, look, "yep those are Eagles on a nest alright" and then head on off to some more quiet spot while the crowds stay busy there. I post this because it is nice to see that the nest had at least two young, and it reminds me that I need to get back out to Barr Lake State park soon and see what those nests have for activity.

In my mid-trip update I believe I posted that I had finally seen Ring Necked Pheasants from the road. Well at DeSoto I had much better looks, although they sought cover quickly and I had to wait patiently for these shots. It was very much worth it though, getting to watch, (and hear) these two perform their courtship rituals while they were both keeping an eye on me was a highlight.

Just look at those colors! He really goes all out for his ladies.

At the end of my day I reached the Wood Duck trail which the ranger had recommended to me several hours before. I wanted to take a peek, and in my rush did not grab my rain gear as I headed out. Sure enough a few minutes later it was dumping, and rolling thunder convinced me to finally get back on the road. Not before I had added the Eastern Towhee (above) and the Northern Rough-winged Swallow to my list.
Finally, just because they were everywhere on my trip, a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle) at the instant of takeoff.

I believe I have one more round of pictures to work through from Ft. Niobara NWR, and then my checklist submissions will be complete. Then I can actually go back through my pictures to recapture any highlights I have missed - and possibly get another post in about all the non-bird related stuff to see on my route. Now stop reading and go see some birds before all the leaves are too full!

2009 Count: 114
Lifetime: 131

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