Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Fast-Paced Loop at Marshall Mesa

"I'm an Owl!"

"What???? Um....Why is the world spinning?"
Tough to see in these pictures, but there is something just above the bill in the first shot, and just to our right of the bird's left eye in the second. Not sure if that is an insect harassing the bird's ears or something else entirely, but that was quite a head shake.

My trip to Marshall Mesa was really about getting a fast loop in more than doing any intensive birding, but I did want to get back out as it had been a few days, and the weather is deteriorating. Beyond the head-banger it was a visit filled with Towhees and Chipping Sparrows. I had some Cowbirds in the pasture and Catbirds on the return, other than that it was fairly quiet.

The Sparrows and Towhees gave me a few good looks, and I did check the mesa overlook turnoff, which did not end up being the shortcut I had hoped it would but was a great view.

A good break, and more birding from last night and this morning to come.

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