Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing Special, but a good way to start the day

I had to run an errand on my way into work this morning, and the place didn't open 'till 8:00, my normal work time. So I was up and ready and had a half hour to spare today. I stopped by Alexx and Michael's Pond to see if there were any goodies around to start my day. What there were, were millions of gnats, or midges, or somethings. Whatever they were, they were prolific. They didn't really bite, but there were so many that getting them in the eyes became a nuisance.
That and keeping moving to get to work in a reasonably timely manner kept the photography more on the aim and fire side of things than any real consideration of how shots would turn out. The redhead against reflected cattails was nice though.

Some birds, like all people, just look dorky at times, despite their activities. This Northern Flicker already looked out of place on a slab of sidewalk, but getting a half inch of vertical jumping for an insect is just over the top.

I also badly focused this shot of an American Coot's foot. Their rarely seen toes are well designed for swimming and perching, but I guess if my toes looked like that I would keep them underwater most of the time as well.

Finally, after I had left and was on my way I had to make a stop and shoot through my window at this young Red-tail. He/she was so focused on something on the ground that I was able to get as many shots as time allowed from fairly close range.

If only I was disciplined enough to start every day with a bit of nature....but then I enjoy evenings as well.

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