Friday, June 5, 2009

Bobolink at the Bobolink Trailhead

My failed lunch attempt to find a Bobolink on my drive was followed up with a more successful walk this evening. As I walked along Baseline to the edge of the field where they had been reported back in May I hoped that this would be a bird that made an appearance rather than one that was invisible in June when the grass is high. Much to my satisfaction as soon as I lifted my bins I found one perched on some sparse bushes in the middle of the field.
I walked until I was about even with him, got five pictures, and then he took off and settled into a more dense bush. I waited another five minutes, but he did not reemerge. The fast approaching thunderstorm may have had something to do with that though. Many thanks to the members of CObirds who posted their sightings when it first arrived with a specific location. I guess they had a reason for naming that trailhead.

Of course I had decided to outsmart the Boulderites and park at the rec center off of South Boulder and walk up the trail. I know how busy the above-mentioned trailhead can be at lunch, and parking can be tough and my choice always has lots of parking. Unfortunately while the trail offered lots of activity on the way up my Deepwoods Off is on my kitchen table, and the many bites kept me moving fast. On the way back I went for trees over open fields in a thunderstorm's path, and didn't even try for pictures. I made it pack to the car, unstruck, and mostly dry.
2009 Count: 154
Lifetime: 167

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