Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Bee

I have a bird post coming from this past Friday in Boulder as well, but had this cool experience with a honeybee gathering pollen and wanted to get a few pics up.

I had noticed the wildflower blooms, and decided to get a picture so I could try to make an identification. That is when I noticed the bee cleaning out the pink and white blooms.

As far as I could see this was the lone individual, but based on the size of those pollen baskets I would imagine there will be more following her back to this area.

I like the pollen already in the baskets, and the extra scattered on her abdomen and head hair. Seems like a good load to me.

Bees do us a great service, are not likely to sting unless protecting the hive or queen, and are currently experiencing an alarming number of failing hives. I know I will keep trying to educate myself and the people I know about the importance of the honeybee and trying to knock down the stereotypes associated with them.

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