Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Approach of Night

With fading daylight on Friday evening I decided to quickly check Brunner Reservoir to see if anything was heading to the water for the evening. As I walked the heavily used pathway behind the Community Center and rounded the corner at the inlet I found that I was being watched.

Those burnt-orange eyes belonged to this fine looking Black-crowned Night Heron.

The perch in a willow was only a few feet from this highly trafficked walkway, but the Heron sat still as I took pictures and several families walked past. Even when they stopped and children exclaimed " I see it! I see it!" the bird seemed unfazed.

As I snapped away and tried to get the clearest focus possible the nictitating membrane flashed over the pupil a few times. The light was great to show the comparison between the transparent shield, (above), and the bare eye, (below).

The pure color was mesmerizing as I stood for long minutes watching the changing tone of the sunset reflected on the white of this bird.

On occasion a sidelong glance was needed to let the passing families know who was boss of that willow.

At sunset on a beautiful evening like this the soft textures and warm colors were enough to keep everyone content. For me it was an evening I won't soon forget.

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