Friday, June 26, 2009

Family Photo from the Wren House

I ended up back at the Wren house yesterday. I really didn't intend to, but sometimes things don't work out quite as expected. I tried to stop off near a nice bend in the creek where there is a good mix of large trees, undergrowth, and willows. I arrived and found a good spot, just as some kids came by with their dogs to start splashing around. Oh well, it had been quiet when I arrived, it was a bit later than usual, and right in the mid-day doldrums.

So, in an effort to make lemonade from my lemons I continued on to the Wren nest, and was happy to get a group picture with one additional nestling. The close up of the lone individual above was nice as well, I wonder how the brothers and sisters at the bottom of the pile felt about helping him/her get a long look at the world.

It was also interesting to spend more time watching the activities of the adults in the area. There were a pair that spent the whole time I watched in a courtship like chase, around a pair of large trees and through some brush. I don't know if House Wrens raise multiple broods in a single season, or if these two had just had a failed attempt early and were looking for another chance. Either way they were fun to watch, and seemed to be having a blast.

Off to the mountains for another weekend. Hopefully more productive in the photography department but even if not I know it will be fun.

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