Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Camping near Jefferson Lake Colorado

Sadly, a busy work schedule has kept me from posting since my three day camping trip last weekend. Tragically, a virus ran amok today, causing my computer to be reimaged and my handful of pictures from the trip were lost.
They weren't that great, and I was surprised at just how little avian wildlife I saw. The common sights were plentiful - Mountain Bluebirds, Virginia Warblers, American Robins, and Common Ravens were all around, but beyond that there wasn't a whole lot of diversity.

Granted, I was with a bunch of friends, and never did wake up as early as I had hoped to make myself a blind down by the creekside willows. But I got to do some good hiking, offroading, eating, and relaxing - all with good company. So really, if the birding had to be bad I am glad it was this past weekend.

The best news is that the Front Range forecast seems to be improving. Hopefully I will make up for the recent lack of pictures and posts with some good shots in the next few days.

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