Friday, June 5, 2009

Aww..... Mom!

"All the other Prairie Dog pups are calling me, and I think that guy by the car just took my picture," whined the pup.

"Well if you would learn to drink your milk nicely then maybe I wouldn't have to clean your face after lunch." Responded Mom between licks.

I had no idea that Prairie Dog pups fed standing on their hind legs. I noticed the behavior from a distance while scanning for Burrowing Owls atop Marshall Mesa. By the time I had the camera up and focused it was on to cleanup time.

I also didn't realise just how clearly the rufous wing patches could stand out on Vesper Sparrows.

That is a good looking brown bird, much harder to see when they are not perched on fence posts.

There really wasn't much in the way of photo opportunities on this day's lunch, but I found a cool road where I could swear I am a million miles from nowhere, not five minutes from work. Good stuff.

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