Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Many of the CFO field trips I participated in were accompanied by the sound of the now returned House Wrens. They were busy establishing territories and and advertising the locations they had scouted out for comfortable nesting. Finding a nest box like the one above was reason to sing loudly...

Watching the plentiful House Wrens was a pleasure, but a greater treat was in store for the group of us that braved the Wyoming winds on Sunday to visit the Hutton Lakes NWR, just outside Laramie. As we hunkered down behind a clump of sage at one of the lakes we were rewarded with the sounds and fleeting glimpses of Marsh Wrens who remained mostly hidden in the brown cattail flats.

Eventually, after a few failed attempts I finally got my glass on this one.

I noted the darker crown, back and eye-line, not to mention the more elusive habits and distinctive song. Just one of the many great new birds I had a chance to observe over the weekend.

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