Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finding that Virtual Shoebox of Photos - Part 1

Orange-crowned Warbler

So, admittedly it isn't like finding a Micky Mantle baseball card, or a Van Gogh behind a family photograph in an ugly frame - but I did see that my camera had rolled to a new folder and saved another 200 pictures from my walk last Friday morning. Here are some fun shots of Orange-crowned Warblers.

Even on bright, sunny days they are good at hiding in the shadows.

Holding a snowy bill up in the sunlight is a dead giveaway though.

On the rare occasion where they catch the sun right a good shot can even reveal how they get their name.

Reflecting light from the snow helps.

One more set of some odds and ends coming, and pictures from a cloudy lunch today to check through before I wipe my cards and finish packing.

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