Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nashville Warbler

Thanks to a fellow birder I was tipped to the presence of a Nashville Warbler in the trees at on of the lakes in my hometown. So, on my way home from work I stopped off for a look. Much to my surprise there were many warblers still actively working their way through the treetops. There were many of both types of Yellow-Rumped, a Yellow Warbler, and offering several good looks was this Nashville Warbler.

One of the most likely species to confuse with the Nashville is the Orange-Crowned Warbler, pictured above. The Orange-crowned has a broken eye-ring, and its breast is a lightly streaked buff color rather than the bright yellow of the Nashville.

It was great to finally get a nice mixed flock of warblers moving through the tree tops. I am glad to have seen a few of these species before the leaves really fill out. Tonight's cool temps should keep the vegetation opening at a slower rate, but may make the migrants reconsider their moves north.

2010 Count: 127
Lifetime: 214

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