Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Watched are always Watching

The snow and rain hadn't arrived this morning, but the leaden skies, gusty breeze, and cooler temps had. Not knowing what opportunities will present themselves in the near future, I made a quick stop on the way to work.
Anytime a stop involves an interaction with a Coyote I consider it a success. I fully appreciate that they can be a nuisance, and that they have earned some of the scorn they receive by targeting domestic animals as they carve a niche for themselves in a human dominated environment. Even so, a large predator that has adapted so well deserves some degree of respect.

I wonder if that Coyote is the same one that was enduring a biting cold day back in December of last year? That day will make whatever comes of our wintry snap in May seem balmy by comparison.
Even in the midst of forecasts of snow, signs of spring continue to arrive. Chipping Sparrows will be abundant through the coming months, but a first sighting of the year warranted a picture and a posting.

Whatever the weather brings in the next 24 hours it should be good for a local fallout. The forecast is being backed off a bit for the metro area, but Estes Park, where I am headed tomorrow afternoon is still being mentioned as a candidate for two feet of snow. There may be more birding by snowshoe yet!


  1. Wow! A COYOTE!!! I've seen a wild coyote only once before, (in CO) but never anywhere remotely as close as that. I'll admit I have a soft spot for maligned animals, & I love coyotes. I've never seen a chipping sparrow before.
    Great photos.

  2. Nice bumping into Coyotes like you do! Seems like you have had a rough winter..and its still cold..burrrr..
    Sending some warm weather your way.

  3. Coyotes are actually fairly reliable, even in heavily developed areas. I always keep an eye out for them.
    Based on the amount of rain we have gotten in the past couple hours down here I won't mind heading uphill to get my precip in solid form at all. It is more fun to play in that way....as long as the trees don't get to much breakage - thanks for sending the warmth.

  4. Those are great Coyote shots! I love to see them around!

  5. Where I live, most people hate coyotes. Although I would never leave my dog outside unattended, I do have great respect for the coyotes. A really good book (fiction) that talks about coyotes is Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.

  6. I can appreciate that Coyotes can be a nuiscance, and can be a real problem in many areas. I love to watch them, but also support regulated hunting to control populations at sustainable levels.
    At days end I am just too much of a dog person not to respect their adaptability.