Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeder Variety Improving

A beautiful weekend, overshadowed by a forecast of FEET of snow for my upcoming four day trip to Estes Park and RMNP with my family. Looks like I will be packing some spare winter gear for the family! Despite that news this morning I had a great time Sunday driving my folks around some of the areas near my home that I have *discovered* since their last visit. Doing so, I left the camera at home, and will use the automated efforts of my Wingscapes Birdcam to show some of the more recent arrivals at my feeder.

I saw my first American Goldfinch in the yard late last week, and accordingly this couple had their photo taken to mark the event, (top). House Sparrows (above) aren't new arrivals, or uncommon, but they have taken to the Nyjer Feeder and were regular visitors in my latest batch of pics.
Of course the House Finches are always around as well.

At times the species seem to share the feeder without much visible friction, here a female American Goldfinch and House Finch seem to be tolerant of one another.

A later shot, however, shows that their tempers can flare. This view seems to show a bit of 'communication' between the two.

I am really enjoying the fact that even when I have other activities going on the Birdcam is happy to keep tabs on things for me. My hope is that I will be able to use it on my upcoming trips and take it along camping as well this summer. Any goodies will be shared here, so check back for updates.

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