Monday, May 10, 2010

Feeder Flight Shots

One of the things I enjoy most about the Wingscapes Birdcam is flipping through a series of shots for the first time and seeing what it has captured. The flight shots that it captures are surprisingly good. I love the shot, (above) of the American Goldfinch slowing down to land. The speed setting captured just the pauses of the wing and tail at the top and bottom of the beat. A shot like that makes me think of a backstroke of a canoe paddle. That first back force in the water which creates eddies and whirlpools which dissipate the forward momentum. Air doesn't let us see that effect from wing-beats, but the cup shape created by the tail and wings would seem to create the same patterns.
The House Finches can hardly avoid getting flight shots with all their activity in the area.

Even the intrusive House Sparrow female, bland as she is, can look graceful when fully extended.

This shot may require a click on the photograph to see, but it captures a House Finch looking on with interest as an American Goldfinch makes a banked approach from below.

I just love that this little camera is hard at work while I am doing other things!


  1. Those are great! I love to see in-flight shots. There's so much grace in their activity.

  2. I am always impressed by that little camera. Must be fun seeing what it takes while you are away.