Friday, April 10, 2009

Lunch before the weather broke

I drove over to Superior on my lunch yesterday to see if I could get close to a reservoir that I glimpse on my drive into work each day. My first attempt missed the res. but I did find a stream that runs along a road out to the Superior water treatment facility. This is the stream that eventually passes below the Flatirons Mall. I walked along and had some nice views of the Red-tail nest pictured above. I also chased and failed to get a good picture of a Song Sparrow that was working through the underbrush along the stream. I thought it was some kind of a wren, but looking at the poor photos was enough to clarify what I had seen.

As I turned to head back to my car I spotted a bird rising from the open field in to a small tree away from the creek. I snapped a few pictures and initially thought it was a not-quite-right Meadowlark. Looking at the pictures later confirmed that it was not a Meadowlark. I worked through the common species for the site based on E-bird, and eventually confirmed that I had seen my first Say's Phoebe. Based on the reports on the listserve I would imagine that this will be followed by many more sightings, and hopefully better pics.

I eventually did make it to Hodgson-Harris Reservoir, but the weather was turning and it had become heavily overcast. I also had a bad angle, as much of the bank is Private and gated, and I did not see access to the Boulder Open Space area surrounding the other sides. I did pick up some additional species for the month, but didn't come back with any additional noteworthy pics.
Hopefully the clouds burn off by lunch, and the good fortune continues.
2009 Count: 79
Lifetime: 103

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