Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A nice walk along Coal Creek

I was back out today for a lunchtime walk and got to see a few regulars and take a few pics. I haven't posted in a bit because work has been busy, other activities have won in the battle for my time, and when I have had time to get out the weather or light has been poor - but not today.

Here was a Mourning Dove perched close to the path. I noticed a bit of a white epaulet going on, not sure if that is an indication of some kind of hybrid, or just a few rearranged feathers on a breezy day.

As I was coming back I had a few Robins bathing in the creek. I counted 65 total on my walk, but the half dozen enjoying the water seemed to be enjoying themselves the most.

At least until I walked by and caused this one to hop up on the rocks and shoot me a serious stink eye.

Beware the headless Red-Tail Hawk!

Just preening - it is amazing that their necks do that. Owls get all the credit for spinning their heads, but this hawk was doing some real contortion to reach that itch.

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