Monday, April 20, 2009

Impending Adventures

I had a very non-bird related weekend. For one thing I was oncall, so keeping close to work or home puts a bit of a limit on things. More importantly, however, were my preparations for my first bird adventure of the year. The birding is an expansion of my drive across Nebraska to visit my Sister's family in Orange City, Iowa next weekend for my Niece's second birthday.
So in addition to the fun of getting to see family and catch up I am going to get to fire off my camping season, do some backroads driving through a totally underrated part of the country, and hopefully catch some great migration action along the way.
My rough plan is to hit Crow Valley and the Pawnee National Grasslands Wednesday evening. I will then head North into the western panhandle of Nebraska on Thursday and catch a couple of the National Parks and monuments in the area. Friday I will make the scenic drive through the dunes to Valentine. Saturday will see me arrive in Orange City.
I am excited about all aspects of this trip. The price though was a Saturday spent doing mundane domestic chores, and Sunday slipped away in a whirlwind of errand running.
I still have a handful of tasks to accomplish so who knows if there will be any major updates through the early part of the week.
Enjoy the migration!

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