Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Harper Lake

Fairly quiet on Tuesday. I took a quick lunch trip to Harper Lake to get a walk in. It was a pleasant day for being outside, even if there wasn't anything too spectacular on the bird list. The sun did peak through just long enough for me to get a few nice shots of this American Kestrel.

I also got some distant pictures of this Double-Crested Cormorant, a first for me in Boulder County. Unfortunately its perch was way out in the middle of the lake, so there weren't any spectacular shots. In case you are wondering, the object covered in Cormorant, and avian whitewash is called a SolarBee. It is a solar powered water circulation system designed to improve water quality in reservoirs and lakes using environmentally friendly technology.
I checked their website today, I was trying to determine how they keep all the gulls and other birds off the solar panels. I know they are in most of the lakes and reservoirs here in the front range cities of Colorado, so it seems like the North Dakota company has been hard at work.
The answer to what keeps the birds off the wasn't real clear, there is some type of accessory that they sell, but no pictures or descriptions online. Streams of water or lines, whatever they are I guess they will keep showing up in my pictures.

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