Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Standley Lake - a few changes

There is a nice silver lining to taking a few weeks away from the back of the camera - things change. Specifically, the rookery at Standley Lake Park is now a happening hot spot. Although, April being April, these Great Blue Herons were taking shelter from the wind where they could find it.

Still, the nests are filling up...

...and the strong breeze made capturing some approach flights possible. Despite tough midday lighting it was good to be out.

I even spotted some unusual grebes out on the glittering lake surface.

Tough shots, and from that vanatage I can't determine if those were Horned or Eared Grebes; thanks to Daniel McAdams for the Horned Grebe confirmation. Maybe I'll try to track them down tomorrow early in the morning, although with a big lake refinding anything is iffy at best.


  1. I love your pictures today! It looks so beautiful out there - I especially love the shot of the herons.

  2. Awesome site! I just found it and have been enjoying every page I've visited!
    I know this is almost a year old but...that is a picture of a Horned Grebe. You can tell due to the lower profile head(the Eared has a more boxy and higher forehead) and by the amount of yellow in the head(the Horned has a large amount of yellow/cream on the head and the Eared has a small batch of whispy yellow feathers).
    Keep up the great work and happy birding!