Friday, March 25, 2011


Around here, no?

Bird blogging has taken a back seat in the last two weeks, and probably will continue through much of next week as well.

The unexpected success of the Colorado Buffaloes BasketBall teams has kept me busy being a fan. Last weekend I did get to hike at the Cottonwood Marsh, Walden Ponds area, but was there at a poor time for photos. I also had a great ski day at Vail, but did not tote the camera - so no pictures of Gray Jays to share. Then, just as there was some down time coming before the final games of the NIT, I got an unexpected handoff desk for my room at home, and that one thing has thrown my living space into chaos.

The new desk meant that an old Sante Fe style behemoth entertainment center had to go, along with a particle board desk that I had been using. The entertainment center doubled as a bookcase, and now I am trying to match something to the discontinued nice bookcase I already have. So I am living at the moment like I am in the midst of a move, and spending spare time looking at furniture (torture) and trying to find a flat panel tv in the size and with the features I want. Anyone in the Denver/Boulder area need an entertainment center - and have a truck?

Once all that is stabilized I get to do taxes!!!!!

So it is going to be a fun weekend. Never fear though, my eyes are still on the skies, and I am looking forward to some more nature(y) activities in the not too distant future. This morning I saw a full bright pair of sundogs as I walked into work. I see those in the mountains in mid-winter occasionally, but have never noticed them down here before. Anyone aware of wildfire smoke creating that effect?

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