Sunday, April 24, 2011

Colorado Weather - Ready for Anything

Saturday morning I headed out early. A DFO trip in the Longmont area was the plan for most of the day, but I stopped off in Boulder to see if I could add a reported Yellow-throated Warbler to my list. I didn't find it, but a Downy Woodpecker tried its best to make up for the missing birds.

45 minutes later, and a dramatic change. The weather actually complimented the birds, Yellow-headed Blackbirds shone in the snowy cattails.

Without strong winds our group was finding birds at every turn. Ruddy Ducks remained distant, but are always a hit.

This season seems to be the one for White-faced Ibis. Our group saw many during the day, and with the groups I had already seen this season I can't believe I haven't noticed them more in the past. I'll welcome all the looks I can get.

At one point I had to backtrack for my scope, and found this Pied-bill Grebe just offshore.

The snow only lasted for our first stop at Jim Hamm Nature Area, but we enjoyed it while it lasted.

A full day with lots of lists completed brought my year list up to 109, and there are a few more pictures to share in future posts.

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