Wednesday, April 27, 2011

At the Rookery - Part 2 - Snowy Egrets

In addition to the Black-crowneds there were Snowy Egrets, lots of Snowy Egrets. They are fairly common along the Front Range, but I usually see them in one-sy two-sies. My count on Monday reached 56, and that did not really account for all the motion between the trees, water, and ground for these birds.

Some were quietly doing a bit of material selection for nest improvements...

...while others would get downright territorial, chasing one another around the island as they displayed their wispy plumes. -Tough to take a bird seriously as a tough guy with that lacy look, but the most aggressive would occasionally run a Canada Goose off a few feet.

Seeing all those birds in their disheveled breeding getup was a big change. I am accustomed to the lone, sleek bird working a shoreline with purposeful steps - flashing those yellow feet as they proceed.

Here the picture of mass activity and interaction was altogether different, and entertaining. A great way to spend an hour in Denver on a springtime evening.

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  1. Great photo, Dave! What a way to spend a few hours!