Monday, April 25, 2011

St. Vrain Variety

Saturday afternoon ended for me at St. Vrain State Park. After wrapping up the DFO trip I decided to check the park to see if the owl nest from last year was still active. I didn't find it, and many of the large trees in the area were down or cleared. However, I'll take a Common Loon as a great replacement. Unfortunately I took these shots from a busy campground, and didn't have much time to try for a large variety of shots.

There was enough time to catch a passing Belted Kingfisher, which just happened to have its catch as it flew.

I moved from the camping grounds, and a walk around one of the lakes yielded all four Teal species, and these Lesser Yellowlegs.

This Song Sparrow was living up to its name.

One of the highlights of the afternoon portion of the field trip was this Loggerhead Shrike. I had mentioned to some of the group earlier in the day that I had been trying to make distant Meadowlarks into Shrike, and then just as we were getting ready to wrap up I found this one down the road on a pasture fence.

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