Friday, August 27, 2010

RMNP Trail Ridge Road Birds - August 6th

juvenile Red-tail Hawk

Just a fast recap of a sample of the birds I saw a couple of weeks back when I drove over Rocky Mountain National Park's Trail Ridge Road on my way to western Colorado. After the colorful, crisp birds I saw on the last day of that trip, these photos fell to the bottom of the to do list. With travel and work craziness they had been put off for far to long now.

American Pipit

Dawn, (or close to it) at the Alpine Visitor Center is a great place to be. There are no other people, and the rising sun which seems to be shining from far below lights subjects in an unexpected way.

American Pipit

I scanned the snowfields for any sign of Rosy-Finches, but struck out once again. Maybe this weekend.... Notice the difference between the two American Pipits, from checking around a bit I understand that there can be both 'darker' and 'paler' adults, and their non-breeding plumage show varying amounts of streaking.

White-crowned Sparrow

Who needs wings? That little sparrow has some hops!

Lincoln's Sparrow

Next post... Mountain Mammals.

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