Thursday, August 5, 2010

Optimistic Disappointment

Oxymoronic, I know.

First the disappointment, after an unexpected early start to the work day this morning I had an extended lunch, and took the opportunity to visit Eldorado Canyon State Park. Despite the crowds of people and low overall numbers of birds I was able to add three new species for 2010, a Rufous Hummingbird, three very colorful Lesser Goldfinches, and on the way out - a bunch of young Cedar Waxwings. The disappointment set in afterwards, when I realised that I had taken great pictures of all three, without a memory card in the camera. Arrrgh!

Fortunately, I can get past it all knowing that I will hopefully get some great photo opportunities in this weekend. I am off for a two night jaunt through the north western part of the State of Colorado. This should offer a bunch of opportunities to add species that I don't normally get to see on the eastern side of the mountains.

Now if I remember to load my memory cards I should be all set!


  1. Think of it as "practice". Those would have been three colorful photos though!

  2. See if you can set your camera to disable the shutter when a memory card is not in it. I know most have this setting. Sorry for the disappointment. If karma is working, you'll make up for it this weekend.