Friday, August 27, 2010

Lunch Walk

On Wednesday I was able to get away for a lunch walk, at one of my favorite trails along the Dutch Creek Section of open space in Louisville, CO. Signs that summer is closing fast were apparent, including the ripening wild plums above.

Having not gotten much bird production out of my visit to Louisiana last weekend I was hoping to just see some sign of anything interesting to get me back up to speed for fall migration. The Great Horned Owl I spotted low on a tree through some brush did that nicely. I guess stopping to observe the fake owls in the city earned me some good karma with the real owls as well!

That one was in a horrible position for pictures, shaded on the other side of a fence and creek, while I was out in a bright field shooting into the sun. Trying to move in either direction just put the owl behind more brush, so I gladly took what I could get.
As if to compensate, a Western Wood-Pewee posed on a well lit branch for a bit between rounds of aerobatic, insect chasing flight. I should say to the best of my knowledge a Western Wood-Pewee, it would not accommodate me with a 'Pee-er' call, but otherwise seemed to fit the bill, and clicked with the other more vocal individuals I have seen in the past.

A really great, if too brief outing in the early fall. Soon the leaves will get to changing and forecasts of 100 degrees, (our expected high today in Denver), will be a distant memory. Hopefully if you are reading this you are making plans to enjoy a fun filled weekend, I know I am!

Then again, owls may just prefer to nap.

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