Monday, August 9, 2010

Early Returns

Just like on an election night the early returns from my trip may not in any way reflect what the outcome will be when the results have been fully examined. Regardless, I can say with confidence that I added three new species to my life list. Above is the Chukar, a gamebird species gone wild. Below, a Juniper Titmouse, a species that I missed when it unexpectedly hung around the Morrison Hawkwatch this spring. Both species made their appearances on Sunday morning as I drove through Colorado National Monument. The Juniper Titmouse suffered a bit from overcast skies just after dawn - the low light made its picture a bit grainy. The Chukars were just off the road, and fortunately the nearly non-existent traffic allowed me to back to a parking area and return on foot to get a bunch of fun shots.

I also added a Common Poorwill on Friday evening, on a county road leading up to Black Mountain. Unfortunately, it exploded out of the brush as I was driving and I had no chance for a photograph. My best guess was confirmed when I checked the CFO birding by county information later and saw that exact species described along that same stretch of road. While it wasn't dark yet, thunderstorms rolling past made for what I considered an early dusk. One more species that I will have to keep watching for to add to the blog.
The trip was a great driving weekend, and one that I will plan to add more entries about in the days and weeks to follow. As I get a chance to look at my many pictures more closely I may even be able to add some additional species highlights, but I know that there will be a few more pictures posted at some point.


  1. Both photos are terrific! I love the mood given by the one of the titmouse!