Thursday, August 12, 2010

Point and Shoot - Images on Loveland Pass

Just a few shots I took with my point and shoot on the trip.

Loveland Pass is one of my favorite places on Earth. It has natural beauty, but also represents a gateway that I often pass through in the winter when heading up to ski country.

Not to mention, a road that is just plain fun to drive. It reaches its summit and the true 'pass', on the horizon in the picture above, just in from the left a bit. My truck is parked on one of the pull-offs in the lower right.
Below are two of the smaller lakes on the same (south) side of the pass. The larger lake that produced most of my close shots of the birds was upslope and to the left of this frame. There is actually a small parking area for the larger lake, so drivers in the know can actually park away from the roadside if they prefer.

Just for kicks, here is a shot taken out my open window of a thunderstorm at sunset while driving along US 40, towards Dinosaur, CO. My plan when starting the trip had been to camp north of Craig, Colorado at or around the Freeman campground in the Routt National Forest. Thunderstorms, like the one below sent me on towards Dinosaur. Be forewarned that if you do arrive in Dinosaur after dark the camping options are either poorly signed or non-existent. I drove on another hour and a half, and arrived in Fruita one night early. I decided to extend my camping at the local La Quinta Hotel to two nights - after starting the day at 3:00 am I felt I had earned it!

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  1. As they say, it is not the camera but the person who uses it which makes great photographs.