Monday, September 28, 2009

Need a Birding Break?

We all do at times, right? Well if you are looking for some "edutainment" this week you may want to check out Ken Burn's latest documentary, The National Parks: America's Best Idea. I got sucked into the first episode last night, after the evening football game and before going to bed for my 6:00 am shift. The short sleep was worth it and I am really looking forward to the entire series. I have the rest set on the Tivo and will hope they don't get overwritten during the later part of next week...

Because I will be out of town and hopefully getting some good Eastern Birds in the next week. I am headed on a fairly short notice trip to see my alma mater's Golden Buffaloes play the Mountaineers of West Virginia University on Thursday night. In addition I will be seeing college friends in Pittsburgh and D.C. as well as meeting up with others from areas in the East. Hopefully during the trip I will get to do some birding as well, even if it is just casual while other sightseeing.

On the downside there will probably not be any updates along the way, as the laptop is not in my packing plans.

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