Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lesser Finch Family and More

Yesterday at lunch I had a quick drive west of Superior to see if I could get some lucky migrants in the heat of the day. The Vesper Sparrow (above) wasn't necessarily a migrant, but it was willing to pose in the sunlight.

I also had a full family of Lesser Goldfinches gathered right along the roadside. Mom is the least distinctive, she would be much more difficult to ID if Dad wasn't nearby as well.

He is still looking fairly bright, soon those colors will be much more washed out looking. Unfortunately he did not offer me an angle that showed off his great colors in the sunlight.

Finally there is the teenage son. He is an awkward mix of adult, molting into the telltale yellow and black with a hint of the black cap visible above the eye, and child, pink legs and light portions of the back. Of course like any teenager, always hungry.

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