Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Visit to Walden Ponds - Grebes and Ducks

I had an early morning start at work yesterday, which meant a long free afternoon! I spent it at the Walden & Sawhill Ponds complex in north Boulder. There were lots of birds out and about, I tallied 32 species, one of which - American Bittern - was a lifer, but remained unphotographed. (I saw two individuals fly overhead at dusk and was unable to relocate them in the lake where they landed amongst the log grasses). The waterfowl as always were prolific. I had Wigeons, Blue-winged Teal, Wood Ducks, Canada Geese, and the Pied-Billed Grebes and Mallards pictured in this post.

The little grebe below is still showing the facial markings and orange bill of a hatchling. I stumbled upon it rooting in the muddy waters of a small pond. I was surprised that it was able to dive and resurface in more open water on the other side of some vegetation in what appeared to be only inches of water.

Enjoy, the signs of fall are beginning to show.

2009 Count: 181
Lifetime: 189

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