Friday, September 11, 2009

Creekside Lunch

I had a chance to spend a few long minutes along the banks of Coal Creek at lunch today. It was just about perfect. The temp was perfect, not too hot, not to cold. There was a hint of a breeze to move the leaves just enough to give life to the spots of sunshine that made it through the canopy.
The creek softly babbled as it made its way through the rocky part of its course just to my side, pleasant to hear, but not so loud as to drown out the noises of birds and creatures in the area.

The birding wasn't spectacular for fall migration - I had a group of Northern Flickers fairly close at all times, and am confident but not certain that an Orange-Crowned Warbler was briefly over my shoulder and up-sun from me. In the end though, it didn't matter. I had a moment of pure peace in an otherwise hectic day. I got to savor Mother Nature at her finest, in a spot that is often passed but rarely appreciated or given more than a passing glance. I will be back, new found lunch spot; for the experience, for the calm, but most of all for the birds.


  1. Dave - I saw some Northern Flickers on my lunch hour today, too. Flickers are a dime a dozen around Flagstaff but they're still one of my favorites. The second photo of the Flicker with the glowing green leaves behind is very cool.

  2. Flickers are my "eyes-opened" species. They are prolific here as well, but until I started birding last fall I never saw them. Now they are everywhere. Glad you enjoyed the pics!