Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Migration Flop

Yesterday I finally got back out to see if I could stumble upon any fall migrants. I have been distracted since my Las Vegas trip and haven't been out in the field with camera at all over the holiday weekend.
I did see some early signs of fall, so I believe I had the timing right. Even so, the birds were not present. I still had a beautiful walk along Coal Creek in the evening sunshine - but had a very pedestrian list when complete.

When a Mourning Dove is my sole avian contribution to the post it was clearly a common species day. There were a couple of Red-tailed flyovers and a nice singing Belted Kingfisher, but after a layoff my camera focusing wasn't dialed in and I couldn't seem to get on the birds.
Today is another day, and with an early start to my workday I should have a chance to spend some good hours in prime Boulder habitat. If nothing else I should refresh some skills before I participate in a fall bird count on Saturday.

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