Monday, February 9, 2009

Trumpeter Swans

I made my return to the land of the living today. Once I had gotten settled in I checked the COBirds emails that had piled up to see what I had missed over the weekend. Sure enough there were continuing discussions of the Geese on Stearn's Lake, which Bill Schmoker summarized and provided insight on at his blog, Brdpics.
In addition there was a report that 5 Trumpeter Swans had stopped on a lake minutes from my house. It was in fact a place that I had driven around when I ventured out to run two errands yesterday. I read on to see that people had been confirming their presence throughout the weekend up through mid-day Saturday, and then had gone silent. I was kicsking myself for missing the opportunity, but decided to run by on my lunch to see if by any chance they were still around.
Fortunately for me, they were! I got relatively close, and had an opporunity to watch them for a bit. They are huge!
There were no Canada Geese around to compare sizes, but my feel is that their relaxed necks are about the same height as a stretched Greater Canada. I could be wrong, but they sure do seem big.
The wind was both a blessing and a curse. It kept them close to the west bank, which was convenient to the road, but made it virtually impossible to hold the camera still and focus.

The 30-40 mph winds are supposed to continue, so I will not try again this afternoon. Maybe it will be more calm tomorrow.

2009 Count: 57

Lifetime: 87

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