Friday, February 13, 2009

Cool Diversion

© 2009 Xcel Energy

It is well known that Xcel Energy has been doing good things for bird nesting for many years. While I wouldn't consider myself a bird cam junkie, I have always taken note of the releases related to the project.
As a kid growing up in Minnesota my home was in fairly close proximity to the Blackdog Station on the Minnesota River, and now I live just outside Boulder, CO; close to the Valmont Station. The webcams are always fun, but I especially enjoy the two that I can envision in their environment. Knowing what the weather is like outside the box adds to the intrigue of watching for the success or failure of the Owl nest this year.

I think this picture is great for summarizing the update on the owl cam for the moment. The two eggs are visible, and it appears that the male has brought in the produce from his hunt. Incubation seems to be going normally from what I can tell. From a quick look through the past 24 hours the eggs have only been unattended for around 30 minutes in that time. The Xcel Bird Cam season has begun to get interesting, so be sure to check them out periodically to see how the various nests progress this year.

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