Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blue Sky Day at Breckenridge

I think the Summit County Chamber of Commerce got together and decided to make me realize what I had been missing this winter.
I spent a beautiful, mild, calm day at Breckenridge. Anyone who has visited knows that even on the most mild of days the tops, if not all of Breckenridge's four peaks are assaulted by constant wind. Yesterday that wind was a mild breeze, which was nice at the tops of lift rides to keep everyone cool in the sunshine.
Birding was not my primary focus, as I was catching up with some old friends, and making sure I did not get ahead of myself and ski to aggressively on my first day back. I did get out for a walk in the morning before everyone was ready to leave, and enjoyed the activities of 40 or so Mountain Chickadees busy in the trees.

On the mountain I was more limited, both Ravens and Crows made their way through town and over the runs, but there wasn't much beyond that. Until that is we pulled into one of the lodges, Tenmile Station, at the end of the day. While on the deck I was treated to 6 Gray Jays who were working over the leftovers from many skiers' lunches.

The Gray Jay was a new species for me, so I had a phenomenal day all in all.

2009 Count: 61

Lifetime: 91

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