Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Goose & Gulls

Yesterday the call went out to COBirds that there was a "Blue" Ross's Goose at Stearn's Lake, along with a traditional white Snow Goose. I was fairly confident that it was the same "Blue" Snow Goose that I had seen previously, but I went over to the lake to check what was there at lunch. I did find both birds. The White Snow Goose was prominent walking on the ice, but the "blue" had his head tucked against a strong wind. Without getting a good look I was still confident that it was a Snow Goose as opposed to a Ross's because of its comparable size to the Canada Geese around it; a Ross's Goose is noticeably smaller. I returned to work to see that another Broomfield birder had already replied with the correct ID. (It is nice to get confirmation though).
After work I pulled back in at Stearn's to see if the "blue" had moved, it had not but the white Snow Goose was much closer to shore, allowing me to get the picture above.
Before leaving I walked down to the dam and caught a Gull gliding in the strong wind.

After a quick look and seeing that the original Snow had not moved I headed back for the car, and on to Plaster Reservoir, where the other birder reported that he had seen a White Ross's Goose in the morning.
If it had been there it was long gone. I walked towards a golf course on the far side of the lake to see if anyone out enjoying a mid winter round would stir anything interesting out of the trees.
That didn't happen, but the setting sun and strong wind provided a great setting to catch more Ring-Billed Gulls coming in to the lake for the evening.

Sometimes the water is so close you can almost taste it, right gull?

I believe that birdwatching is catching on more than many people know. As I stood in the open catching gulls on the wing, a pair of eyes in a blind were watching me!

He probably has his bins and field guide stashed in there as well. Hopefully he could check me off as a lifer!
2009 Count: 56
Lifetime: 86

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