Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jump for Joy!

Its warm and not windy! Like this junco I am feeling the spring-like weather, and it is nice.

For my walk during yesterday's lunch I headed back to the Coal Creek Trail. This time I went to the Superior side of highway 36, about a half mile from the stretch I had visited last week. I approached from an ice arena parking lot, and saw the hawk above perched in a distant tree.
Since he was a good ways off and sitting I headed on towards the creek where it emerged from passing under a four lane road.
I poked around a bit and saw some Rock Pigeons and a pair of Cottontails. I came back out from the underpass, and saw the Red-tail rising on some thermals. He seemed as interested in me as I was in him and after he had gained a bit of elevation he made two passes directly overhead.

The light was great for capturing the underwing details as he rose. He must have determined that I was no snack, and not much of a threat, because he worked his way back over to the trees. He made one quick pass, rolling his wings to vertical as he sliced his way between the branches.

So effortless! If only they would just do that in the open air without trees in the way. He made another loop and then pulled up to perch on a branch. A very nice way to enjoy a lunch break.

2009 Count: 56

Lifetime: 86

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