Friday, September 23, 2011

Thursday Morning; Standley Lake Park

I was glad I was able to head out early yesterday morning. There was a hint of frost in the dew on my windshield as I started out, and the day dawned clear and bright. I was hoping for shorebirds or some migrant to come my way, but was happy to settle for some common residents instead.

The Great Blue Heron that was waiting on the shore when I arrived waited patiently as I made a wide circle around 'its' cove.

Between the colors, soft light, and rising mist I was thrilled to have a natural start to my day.

A heron, standing in an orange-mist at the water's edge - felt almost prehistoric.

Then, while I sat silently so as to not disturb the Grebes or Heron, a Mallard swam up to within three feet of me looking for a handout I guess. I suppose my lack of response was a disappointment, and the duck continued along its shoreline route.

Finally, on my way out of the park I stopped at the generally productive trees near the boat parking area, and had a good mix of local birds. Again, nothing unusual, but a fun mix in good light. This time represented by a Western Wood Pewee. Reluctantly I had to drop the truck into gear and head on into the office, but the park will be there the next time I have a chance to get away early.

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