Friday, September 2, 2011

Looks from Louisiana

Last week I had a chance to pull together a great trip out of a combination of birding and photography, work, and meeting with friends from all over the country for a fantasy football draft.   I had three trips out into various habitats in the early part of the week, and then followed it up with some fun in New Orleans when my friends arrived last weekend.   This post contains a few of my favorite captures from the trip.   Above, a White Ibis from my first day trip to the South Farm section of the Sherburne WMA just west of Baton Rouge.

Next a flight shot of a Black-necked Stilt from the same morning.   My arrival flight was planned for an overnight Friday evening, which would lead directly to an early start Saturday.   But as they say, "the best laid plans of mice and men..." and that flight was canceled.    I actually left at ten a.m. on Saturday, and finally caught up with my bags at the hotel just after midnight on Sunday morning.    The drive up to Sherburne and the great birding I experienced were just what I needed to make me forget the travel headaches and immerse myself in all the wildlife that habitat had to offer.

A few days later I took another morning trip, and headed down to Grand Isle for sunrise.   More dedicated shots to come from that, but for the moment, a Green Heron perched to give me a sidelong glance while preening.

The second of two lifers from the trip included in this post, a Clapper Rail.   The other, the White Ibis at the top of this post was the first of nine I added on the trip.

To close out this first of the trip posts, a Willet who was posing as I exited the Grand Isle State Park on my way back to New Orleans.   I really enjoyed my opportunities to get out of the city on this visit to Louisiana.   Granted, late August is far from ideal, but if you are willing to wake really early, and accept that by 9:30 or 10:00 am it will be time to head anywhere indoors, then this is a place where incredible experiences abound.

Aside for traveling birders.  
          I find that one of the great parts of any kind of travel is the advance planning that goes into finding activities that will make a vacation memorable.    For this trip an incredibly helpful site was See Jane Bird's site.   She has a Birding Around Baton Rouge link that had great information on a number of locations in the area, including habitat, likely species, and access details.   There were others as well, but that one knocked it out of the park for a site created by an individual.   Nice work Jane!

More to come....stay tuned!

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