Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Random Sights from the Past Few Days

Vesper Sparrows were the only birds of note at Standley Lake Park when I stopped for a late lunch on Monday. There was a good sized group in the grassy area as I drove towards the lake.

Yesterday morning I stopped for a few minutes at Lower Church Lake, and was rewarded with a flyover juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. I had to use some noise reduction on these shots, but felt these couple warranted a bit of extra processing.

Northern Shoveler

This bird always tripped me up, and I think I fall for the same trap every autumn. This is a Northern Shoveler showing its fall appearance. In the fall it shows the pale area behind the bill, and made me think I was on a hybrid Blue-winged Teal X Northern Shoveler. Just another reason to look closely and double check assumptions.

Still have a few posts that keep sliding behind, I may have one more from Louisiana, and I definitely have a post from Lower Church Lake last week, a new species for me and maybe a few more of the Wilson's Phalaropes - not present yesterday morning.

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