Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sunrise, Grand Isle Style

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Louisiana, or any recent trip for that matter, was my excursion to Grand Isle to catch the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico.  I had to be up at 3:00 to make it, but would do it again in a heartbeat - it was that memorable.    

The high humidity and haze over the water allowed the sun to get up fairly high before it began to 'rise'.   That offered some interesting colors to form up for silhouetting the Brown Pelicans that were emerging from the darkness.

Soon the sun began to break free though, making smaller birds and other shapes visible.  

Occasionally, the inhabitants beneath the surface would pop up for a tantalizing moment, generally not where I was looking, or, as if toying with my intentions, just outside the target light.   Finally though...

a fin captured in the golden light.  What did those fins belong to?   Coastal visitors know of course, but capturing one in an image is tougher.......

Finally!  My guess would be Bottlenose Dolphin, but I've lived in Minnesota and Colorado, so what do I know.   I do know that I had a blast standing and shooting for an hour as the sun rose and the colors changed on the Pier at Grand Isle State Park.   Watching and shooting a full 8Gb card trying to capture Dolphins in the first part of their breaches is a great way to start a day.    They weren't the only mammals about though.  

The parade of boats heading out and in was entertaining as well.   I was shocked at the heavy traffic as I drove towards the coast before 5:00am, but for fishermen and roughnecks that is rush hour.  

Only smaller craft had the luxury of cutting through the colored waters of sunrise on that memorable morning.

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  1. I'd jump up at 3AM for a chance at those shots too! Gorgeous!