Thursday, March 3, 2011


Wednesday evening was beautiful, and rather than heading right off from work I walked the trail towards highway 36. I got an improved look at the local Belted Kingfishers. Fortunately they seem to be hanging around, and I'll keep trying to get a clear look. Why do I think they'll hang around....well one was doing some house hunting at dusk.

That might just be a bank to keep an eye on! For that moment though, the bird was keeping on the move. There are several similar holes in the bank, and from what I could tell some serious courting, Kingfisher style. I'll have to do a bit of reading on their nesting and mating practices to see if that was courtship or setting up shop.

As already stated, today became very windy. I returned from my lunchtime drive and found a young Redtail Hawk taking shelter in a tree behind our building.

It moved on to the next tree in the row, and I followed. I guess misery loves company!

Actually I am not sure what drew them together, but there was something below that really had their attention. Or, perhaps they were just ducking out of the gusts.

I ended up near home this evening, and Red-winged Blackbirds wanted to make sure everyone knew that evening was just as good as morning for showing off.

This evening was supposed to have been errand night, but as I drove past my neighborhood something caught my eye. I parked, and with camera in hand returned to get a confirming look at what I had seen.

Tufts on a nest! That makes two within a few miles of home. This one is sandwiched between a busy street and a high traffic walking path. I kept well back, and with the wind never saw the bird turn my way.

The owls had pulled me in, and the Red-winged Blackbird kept me company when I had withdrawn to a small pond. I headed off to look for coyotes, and found an adult Red-tail instead, but it had grown fairly dark. As I returned towards the parking lot I heard a single hoot. I modified my route, and returned along the road instead of the path. As I passed, stealing looks out of the corner of my eye while walking at a steady pace I spotted the male. He was well below, and was turned away from me.

I hope the pair maintain their nest. It is busy there, bikers, joggers, fisherfolk, and dog walkers all frequent the area, and the roadside where I walked has a bus stop just below them. I'll be keeping my distance, but may walk the scope over a few times to see how things progress.

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